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5x10, A Night of Short Plays

Scenic Design by Katherine Sharpless

Paint Charges: Isabelle Goodman and Rachel Bath

Lighting Design by Justin Beets

Sound Design by Nathan Merrill

Production Management: Kat Landry

East of the Sun

By Darcy Parker Bruce

Directed by Raz Golden

Costume Design by Lexi Cohen

Pyramid  Effect

By Marcia Dixcy

Directed by Zoë Golub-Sass

Costume Design by Nora Fisher

The Laughing Club

By Liz Maestri

Directed by Victoria E. Gruenberg

Costume Design by Anna Kalabina


By Sofya Levitsky-Weitz

Directed by Bryn Herdrich

Costume Design by Hope Fourie

The Dismount

By Blake Bishton

Directed by Andrés López-Alicea

Costume Design by Michelle Li

Presented at Williamstown Theatre Festival in Summer 2018

Paint Elevation:

5x10 Elevation


Heavy Model
The Laughing Club Model
East of the Sun Model
Pyramid Effect Model
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