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Think by Sunday Saari

Co-Directors: Cameron King & Samantha Ozea 

Cinematographer: Raffaele DiLullo, Orchestrations: Zachary Novack, Lighting Designer, Special Effects Makeup: Truly Cates, Choreographer: Rachel PospÍšil 

Costume Designer: Davine Byon, Production Manager: Sidney Rubinowicz, Puppet Creation: Iana Dobreva, Video Editor: Nate Cohen

Production Design: Katherine Sharpless

"THINK" was written this past summer due to events of sexual assault and the process that comes with unpacking the systemic hatred of women and the cages that society places us in. #handsOFFourbodies #metoo

Created with support from Dean Martin and the Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts in Winter 2019

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